ConnDOT: State Seeks $18.9 Million for Hybrid Buses and Fuel Cells

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State Seeks $18.9 Million for Hybrid Buses and Fuel Cells



Governor Rell: State Seeking $18.9 Million in

Federal Stimulus Funds for Hybrid Buses and Bus Fuel Cells

Governor M. Jodi Rell today announced that the state has applied for $18.9 million in federal stimulus funds to upgrade the state-owned transit buses with dozens of energy efficient hybrid buses and install fuel cells in maintenance garages around the state for back-up energy sources.


“This application makes solid sense in many ways. The funds will allow us to put more energy efficient buses on the roads and provide ‘green energy’ at our three busiest CTTransit facilities,” Governor Rell said. “Our state continues to be a leader in green technology and the jobs it provides. These stimulus dollars will allow us to continue our momentum toward economic recovery and a cleaner environment.”


The Governor said the state Department of Transportation and CTTransit have been leaders in the adoption of hybrid technology, running two hybrid buses since 2003, and a fuel cell bus since 2006, with four more fuel cell buses being delivered within the next 12 months. The combined experience with diesel-electric hybrids and fuel cell buses has created a great deal of in-state expertise on hybrid drive systems.


          The stimulus application, submitted by the state DOT, includes:

·        $10 million for the upgrade of 63 new buses to hybrid-electric power

·        $5.3 million for a fuel cell storage facility and a stationary fuel cell for the Hartford CTTransit maintenance and storage facility

·        $3.6 million for stationary fuel cells in each of the CTTransit facilities in New Haven and Stamford.


A stationary fuel cell provides primary and emergency back-up power for the bus maintenance and storage facilities.  It allows the bus facilities to generate their own emission-free electricity at all times, but is especially valuable during peak load periods when the state’s utilities have to buy electricity from other areas on the national grid. 


The Governor said the competitive grants are through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA). There is approximately $100 million in grants available and a decision on the Connecticut’s application is expected by September 1.


The Governor said the proposed transportation upgrades would complement $1.73 million in stimulus funding the state Department of Environmental Protection is receiving to reduce diesel emissions. The DEP plans to retrofit emission systems on state-owned diesel vehicles, establish a truck-stop electrification project to reduce diesel truck idling and replace a high-emitting diesel locomotive engine with a low-emission power system.


Under Governor Rell’s direction, the DOT is also moving forward with $152.7 million in other public transit projects under ARRA, including the purchase of 136 diesel and diesel-electric hybrid buses, other bus and rail line improvements and commuter parking lot enhancements.


CTTransit and its affiliated systems provide almost 37 million passenger trips each year across Connecticut.


For more information on the DOT applications and the AARA in Connecticut go to: and click on the CT Recovery link.