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 A Guide to Understanding Air Quality and Traffic Noise
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 RT 82/85/11 Final Environmental Impact Statement
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 Route 11 Draft Environmental Impact Statement
  This Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was initiated to address the existing and anticipated future congestion and safety problems along Routes 82 and 85 and to revisit the issues that have frustrated efforts to complete construction of Route 11 for over 25 years.
 RT 2/2A/32 Final Environmental Impact Statement
  The project is known as the Route 2/2A/32 Transportation Improvement Project, and is located in New London County, Connecticut. Alternatives have been identified and evaluated for transportation improvements Route 2 from Norwich south to Interstate 95 (I-95) in Stonington.
 Hartford West
  The Connecticut Department of Transportation, the Capitol Region Council of Governments and the Central Connecticut Regional Planning Agency have identified peak hour traffic congestion and safety deficiencies as major concerns for the Interstate 84 corridor between Downtown Hartford and the Fienemann Road interchange in Farmington.
 Hartford West Major Investment Study Final Report
 New Haven-Hartford-Springfield Commuter Rail Implementation Plan
 Exits 54-62
 Exit 62-69
 Exits 70-84
 Exits 85-93
 Existing Infrastructure System Inventory
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Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Formerly the 'Q'Bridge)
 Record of Decision for the New Haven Harbor Crossing Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Q-BRIDGE)
  The Selected Project is for the replacement of the existing Interstate 95 (I-95) crossing over New Haven Harbor, known as the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (locally known as the Q Bridge)
 Final Environmental Impact Statement/Section
  This Executive Summary provides a brief overview of the Final Environmental Impact Statement/Section 4(f) Evaluation (FEIS) for Interstate 95 (I-95) - Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge (Q-Bridge) Crossing New Haven Harbor Study.