DOAG: Poultry Importation Requirements

Poultry Importation Requirements

The importation of live poultry and hatching eggs into Connecticut is regulated by the department pursuant to Connecticut General Statute, Section 22-325. The buyer or importer of poultry must obtain a permit issued by the Commissioner of Agriculture before birds are imported. Poultry from out of state must enter this state with either a health certificate stating the birds have tested negative for pullorum typhoid or an NPIP form stating the flock of origin has a classification of pullorum typhoid clean. Other information such as avian influenza status should be included on the forms but is not required at this time.
For those who wish to import poultry and hatching eggs the procedure is:
a. When poultry or hatching eggs are imported, the buyer or importer is responsible for obtaining a poultry permit from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. Call 860-713-2508 (M-F, 8:30 a.m. 4 p.m.) to obtain the poultry permit. A permit number will be issued over the phone and then mailed to the buyer/importer. The permit number must be written on the health certificate and/or NPIP form.
b. Within 48 hours after the arrival of the poultry the importer, shall give notice to the Department of Agriculture of the arrival date and the number of poultry received. When you receive the health certificate and/or NPIP form (VS 9-3) and poultry permit, complete the permit, and promptly return it to the Department of Agriculture with a copy of the health certificate and/or NPIP form:
Connecticut Department of Agriculture
Livestock Division
450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 702
Hartford, CT 06103
or by FAX to the attention of the Livestock Division, 860-713-2515.
If the poultry permit and, health certificates or NPIP forms are in order, the quarantine will be released and you will be notified. No poultry may be sold or mixed with other poultry until the department authorizes the release of the poultry.
If there are any questions, you can call either Dr. Mary Jane Lis, State Veterinarian, at 860-713-2505 or Wayne Kasacek, Assistant Director, Bureau of Regulatory Services at 860-713-2508.