DOAG: CT Animal Traceability System (CATS)

CT Animal Traceability System (CATS)

The Connecticut Department of Agriculture in cooperation with USDA and Connecticut producers are developing an Animal Disease {three piglets} Traceability System that will further enhance emergency response and animal health programs.
Development of such a system is designed to protect animal health and improve our ability to respond to unforeseen outbreaks of potentially devastating animal diseases, acts of bioterrorism, or natural disasters.
Knowing the location of at risk animals is essential for
pre-planning, response, and recovery of an emergency or animal health event. It will also facilitate and streamline the process of moving animals interstate.
It's free of charge to register for a location identifier and this enables you, the producer, to become part of our animal response network.
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Information regarding Animal Traceability can be found at the USDA Animal Plant Inspection Service (APHIS) website.
Press Release from the USDA, USDA Annouces New Framework for Animal Disease Traceaiblity, February 5, 2010
If you have any questions, please contact:.

   Elizabeth Hall
   Department of Agriculture
   165 Capitol Avenue, Room G 8A
   Hartford, CT 06106
   phone (860) 713-2560
   fax (860) 713-2515