DMV: CDL - Self-Certification Requirement

 Commercial Driver's License/

Commercial Learner Permit

 Driving Type Self-Certification  



**New Requirements:  Beginning Dec. 6, 2016, CDL holders and permit applicants will have to comply with a federal mandate that requires additional documents when seeking a license or renewing it. Find more information here


Federal law requires all Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders and Commercial Learner Permit (CLP) holders to provide " Self-certification" of driving type:


                  LEARN MORE HERE:  See description of driving types for you to choose here.


           CERTIFY HERE: 


Once you go to the website above and successfully self-certify, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.  Bring the e-mail confirmation to DMV anytime you:                   

  • Apply for a new CDL
  • Renew a current CDL
  • Apply for an upgrade to a higher class CDL
  • Apply for a new endorsement
  • Transfer a CDL from another state
  • Change driving type


Category 1 (NI) - Non-excepted interstate :  

Operates a commercial motor vehicle outside of Connecticut 

Category 2 (NA) -Non-excepted intrastate :  

Operates a commercial motor vehicle only within Connecticut  

Note:  If any CMV you drive crosses the CT state line (into NY, MASS, RI - including for purchasing of fuel or picking up occasional loads) at any time, you are INTERSTATE. 

Category 3 (EI) -Excepted Interstate :  

Operates a commercial motor vehicle outside of Connecticut, only for excepted purposes listed below. 

Excepted Interstate Purposes:

        49 CFR 390.3(f):   School bus operations, state and federal transportation, occasional transportation of personal property not for compensation, transportation of human corpses or sick/injured persons, fire trucks and rescue vehicles, commercial vehicles designed or used to transport between 9 and 15 passengers (including the driver), transportation of propane winter heating fuel when responding to an emergency situation requiring immediate response.

        49 CFR 391.2:   Farm custom operations, apiarian industries (beekeepers seasonally transporting bees), certain farm vehicle drivers.

        49 CFR 391.68:   Private motor carrier of passengers (nonbusiness).

        49 CFR 398.3:  Driver of migrant workers.

Category 4 (EA) - Excepted intrastate:  Operates a commercial motor vehicle only within Connecticut (intrastate commerce) only for an excepted purpose listed below.

Excepted Intrastate Purpose:

        A self-propelled implement of husbandry or an implement of husbandry being drawn by a farm tractor or another implement of husbandry; public utility, telephone, and cable television company service vehicles that do not meet the definition of a commercial motor vehicle in 46 CFR part 383; or public utility service vehicle used in cases of emergency.

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