DMV: CDL - Medical Requirements

Medical Certification Requirements
for Commercial Driver's License
and Commercial Learner Permit Holders


All Commercial Driver License (CDL) holders and Commercial Learner Permit (CLP) holders must provide DMV with a valid Medical Examiner's Certificate.
You must go to a certified medical examiner listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to have that examiner complete form MCSA-5876.
All medical exams MUST be completed on a form MCSA- 5876.   
You are required to fax your medical certification to:  
 (860) 263-5568
Email your medical certificate to: 
If you become "Not-Certified”, you will be sent a downgrade letter advising that the DMV has not received your valid medical certificate.  If we do not receive your valid medical certificate by the downgrade date listed in your letter, your license class will be downgraded to a Class D. Should your license remain downgraded for two years or longer, you are required to obtain a new CLP and pass a skills test in order to be upgraded to a CDL.
If any of the information on your medical card is not legible, incorrect or missing, you may receive a letter notifying you that you must have your medical certificate corrected and re-faxed or emailed to the above fax number.



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