DMV: Notice of Public Hearing

Notice of Public Hearing
The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will hold a hearing on Wednesday, December 12, 2018 at 10:00 AM at 60 State Street, Room 170, Wethersfield, CT.
The above-referenced hearing is being held pursuant to the Towing & Recovery Professionals of Connecticut, Inc. (“TRPC”) vs. Commissioner of DMV, Docket No. HHB CV 18 6044137 S, Remand Stipulation (“Remand Order”). 
In accordance with the terms of the Remand Order, the hearing on remand is limited to affording TRPC an opportunity to submit evidence to the presiding DMV hearing officer on the sole issue of towing vehicle replacement history and cost.
The hearing on remand, limited by the Remand Order, is in response to new evidence submitted by a participant after the hearing closed on the underlying petition for an increase in towing and storage rates. 
TRPC’s material must be submitted to DMV for posting on its website by November 27, 2018.  Public material in response to TRPC’s submission must be sent via e-mail to: no later than December 4, 2018.  The Remand Order and all materials submitted by TRPC and the public will be posted promptly to the DMV website at                          
Any public comment at the hearing will be limited to addressing TRPC’s submission.  Under the terms of the Remand Order, at the December 12, 2018 hearing on remand, the DMV hearing officer may only consider additional oral or written comments related to TRPC’s submission.  

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