DMV: Drive Only License Renewal

Renewing Your
Drive Only License

DONíT WAIT: Renew a week or more before your birthday. You will not receive a permanent driver license while at a DMV office.  It will arrive through the mail.  You will keep your expiring license and receive a temporary paper card.  For more on this, please see frequently asked questions on Central Issuance. After visiting an office, you can track the delivery of your new card.

You may renew your license on or as early as six months prior to your license expiration date.
What to do:
  • Proceed to the nearest DMV office ONLY.  A Drive Only license cannot be renewed at a AAA location, Milford and North Haven Nutmeg State Financial Credit Union, Stamford (The WorkPlace, Inc.) or West Haven City Hall.
What to bring:
  • Your Drive Only License. If lost, bring one identity document from the Drive Only Renewal Document Checklist - English version | Spanish version.  If your documents are in a language other than English, they must be translated by a DMV-approved translator.
  • Proof of Connecticut Residency: Two (2) different pieces of mail from two (2) different sources to prove your home is located in Connecticut.  Mail must include your name and address, and be dated in accordance with the Drive Only Renewal Document Checklist - English version | Spanish version.
  • Name Change Documents, if applicable: Required if you need to change your name on your license. Please see the Drive Only Renewal Document Checklist - English version | Spanish version - for acceptable name change documents.
What it will cost:
  • $72 renewal fee for a three-year renewal.
  • See acceptable forms of payment.
  • NOTE: Late fee of $25 will be charged for the renewal of an expired driver's license.

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