DMV: Learner's Permit - Home-Training Requirements

Requirements for Home Training


All applicants for a driver's license under 18 years of age must show proof of driver training at the time of the driver's test.

If trained at home, the applicant must hold the learner's permit for at least six months (180 days) prior to being able to test for a driver's license. Applicants who receive 30 hours classroom and eight hours behind-the-wheel training at a commercial driving school or secondary school must hold a permit for at least four months (120 days).

Applicants may be trained at home by one of the following:

  • parent
  • foster parent or legal guardian
  • grandparent
  • spouse of a married minor (under 18) applicant

Note:  Instructor must be at least 20 years of age or older and have held a license for four or more years prior to training and have not been suspended during the four years prior to training. 

One of the above must sign a statement at the time of the test, which states that the applicant has obtained a learner's permit and successfully completed at least 22 hours of a course of study which covers all of the material in the Connecticut Driver's Manual, and such other information on driver education that is deemed necessary for a person to know in order to safely operate a motor vehicle under present day driving conditions. Parents should also read a training guide for those teaching teens to drive, How Parents Can Help Their Teens Become Safe Drivers.


On-The-Road Training
In addition, student drivers who receive their learnerís permit on or after August 1, 2008 must complete at least 40 hours of behind the-wheel, on-the-road training. This training may be accomplished by any combination of professional (driving school) instruction or home training.


It is advisable for the home training instructor to use the Connecticut Driver's Manual as a reference for on-the-road training. You can also view the Guide to Passing Your Driving Test brochure for additional on-the-road training tips.

Eight Hour Safe Driving Practices Course
Home-trained applicants must also show evidence of completing an eight-hour program on safe driving practices through a commercial or secondary driver education program. 


Parent Training
A parent or legal guardian of a 16-or 17-year-old is required to complete two hours of instruction concerning the laws governing drivers under age 18 and the dangers of teen driving.  This course may be offered by a commercial or secondary driving school and will be included in the eight-hour program explained above.


Student drivers should contact their local secondary school or commercial driving school for the approved course.

Teen Driving Laws

Be aware of the teen driving laws for all leaner's permit holders.

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