DMV: Licenses
 New Laws For 16 and 17-Year-Old Drivers
  Effective August 1, 2008, Connecticut will have new laws for young drivers and their parents.
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 Driver's License - Renewing - Military Personnel
 Driver's License - 16/17 - Brief Overview on Obtaining
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 Hazardous Materials Endorsement Applicants - Important Notice
 International Driver Permits
 Learner's Permit - Home-Training Requirements
 Learner's Permit - Obtaining
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 Notice Regarding Commercial Driver Licenses and Permits
 Public Passenger Endorsements
 Teens - Curfew Law During Prom Season
  Each year DMV receives questions regarding how the teen driving curfew affects students participating in high school proms and school-sponsored events afterward. Students, school administrators and parents should know the curfew law before prom night.
 Testing - Knowledge - Walk-In Hours
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