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PRIME -- Psychosis Risk Syndrome Clinic

The PRIME Clinic provides evaluation and treatment of individuals ages 12-25 who show early warning signs of psychosis, also known as Psychosis Risk Syndrome or Clinical High Risk. For individuals determined to have a high degree of risk for psychosis based on the Structured Interview for Psychosis Risk Syndrome (SIPS) evaluation, treatment is offered in the form of individual and family supportive psychoeducation, personalized CBT for early psychosis, pharmacological intervention as appropriate, and evidence-based treatments of co-morbid conditions. Treatment is offered in individual, family, and group formats depending on client preference and number of clients available for group. Services are provided for up to 36 months, except for those whose symptoms remit or convert into active psychosis. Clients who remain in remission for 18 months without antipsychotic medication will be eligible for referral out by 24 months. Converters to active psychosis are referred to STEP or similar services.

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