DMHAS: 60 West

60 West

Contact information:
          Erin Leavitt-Smith-Project Manager,  860-262-6966
         Heidi Spaman-Assessment Clinician, 860-262-6965
Fax #: 860-262-5832
60 West is a privately owned skilled nursing facility located in Rocky Hill, Ct.  The facility has two units:  a secured cognitive impairment unit and  an open long term care unit.  There is no secure behavioral unit, though many referrals received have psychiatric history/diagnosis. Referrals for admission originate from the community, inpatient psychiatric facilities and state correctional institutions and must meet nursing home level of care/PASSAR process.  They are then directed to the assessment clinician for review. In general, admission candidates may have a degenerative medical condition, such as dementia, Parkinsonís, MS, Huntingtonís disease, a terminal/hospice LOC type diagnosis requiring skilled nursing, level of care services and is the most appropriate, least restrictive setting for that person.

A referral is initiated by completing the referral form to 60 West SNF and faxing it to the attention of the assessment clinician (fax # 860-262-5832).  In addition to the Ascend/PASSAR process, each person considered for the admission will receive an onsite and a comprehensive assessment, including a risk review. All potential admissions are then approved by a utilization management committee comprised of DMHAS, DOC and 60 West staff.

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