DMHAS: Waiver Staff

Mental Health Waiver
Working for Integration Support and Empowerment
Program Staff
Toll-Free Number: 1-866-548-0265

Erin Leavitt-Smith, Asst. Director Statewide Services,  

Cheryl Janes, LCSW, Mental Health Waiver Manager,

Mary Ives, Administrative Assistant,

Mental Health - Home and Community Based Services Waiver Staff:

Spero Parasco, LCSW, Community Support Clinician, 

Rhonie Clarke, LCSW, Community Support Clinician, 

Susan Hood, LCSW, Community Support Clinician, 

Katie Daly, LCSW, ABH Supervising Community Support Clinician,  

Cindy Drost, LCSW, Community Support Clinician,

Erika A. Lisee, LCSW, Community Support Clinician,  

Joann Rotar, LPC, Community Support Clinician, 

Melinda Lewis, LMSW, Community Support Clinician,    

Mandie Middleton, LPC, Community Support Clinician,

Kari Nelson, MSW, Community Support Clinician, 

Melissa Stewart, LCSW, Community Support Clinician,

Amanda Clavette, LMSW, Community Support Clinician,

Nicole Kavalan, LMSW, Community Support Clinician,

Kalela Johnson, MSW, Community Support Clinician,

Cristina Coelho, LMSW, Community Support Clinician,

Mental Health - Money Follows the Person (MFP) Waiver Staff:

Maureen Quinn, LADC, Specialized Care Manager,

Dana Wilson, LPC, Specialized Care Manager, 

Danielle Christian, LCSW, Specialized Care Manager,

Tasha Erskine, MHS, LADC, Specialized Care Manager,

Amanda Way, MA, Specialized Care Manager,

Jessica Medina, LMSW, Specialized Care Manager,

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