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Division of Safety Services
Safety Education and Training Unit

Collaborative Safety Strategies (CSS) Training Program

The Collaborative Safety Strategies (CSS) Training Program provides the direct care staff in all treatment settings with theoretical education and technical skill training needed to prevent angry patient/client behavior from escalating to dangerous behavior, and should dangerous behavior occur, how to safely intervene to restore safety. 

The CSS New Employee Training Program is 3 days and is conducted in Middletown on the CVH campus. 

The CSS Annual Review Training Programs are conducted at the DMHAS Facilities.  Staff are required to attend the program that is specific to the setting where primary duties are conducted (Inpatient or Outpatient).

In addition to the CSS New and Annual Review Training Programs, a number of specialized courses are available.  Each DMHAS Facility determines which course(s) will be conducted:

{Training BMS contact}

A variety of program designs are available in half, one and two-day formats. For more information contact Arlene Garcia, LCSW, EDd, 860-262-5341 or

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