DEEP: CT Greenhouse Gas Inventory Reports

Connecticut Greenhouse Gas Reduction Progress Reports
The state of Connecticut has set several climate related goals. The DEEP tracks progress toward meeting these goals and reports on statewide greenhouse gas emissions. Below you can find Connecticut's published reports that overview the progress made in reducing GHG emissions over specific years.
{2017 Inventory }
{2016 GHG Inventory} {GHG Inventory }
(Released 2020)
and supporting data
(Released 2018)
and supporting data
{CT GHG Emissions Inventory - Executive Summary (Released 2014)} {Taking Action on Climate Change: 2014 Progress Report} {2010 CT GHG Emissions Mitigation Options Overview} {2009 CT Greenhouse Gas Inventory with Appendices}
{2007 Progress Report}   {2006 Progress Report}
(Released 2007)
(Released 2007)
(Released 2006)

     (Released 2003)

National Greenhouse Gas Report:
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