DEEP: Benchmarking Energy Use

Benchmarking Energy Use
(For State Agencies)

DEEP is enhancing our State Building benchmarking efforts. One component of these efforts includes a customized Energy Performance Profile for your agency.

Your agency’s Energy Performance Profile will provide useful feedback about your agency’s progress toward the goals of tracking data in EnergyCAP, assessing energy improvement opportunities, and managing energy efficiency projects.  We also will provide you with a reminder Checklist for steps to complete.

CGS Sec. 16a-38i(b) authorizes the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) to establish and implement a system requiring all state agencies to annually calculate energy use and costs for state buildings. Our goal is to have accurate building, account, and meter information for all agencies entered into EnergyCAP by January 2020.

Steps to Achieve EnergyCAP Benchmarking Certification

Step 1: Upon receipt of your agency evaluation report later this year, reach out to a Lead By Example program administrator to schedule an overview and training (if needed) on EnergyCAP.

Step 2: DEEP will then work with you to cross-check what is currently in our system for buildings, accounts, and meters with your agency’s particular inventory of this information.

Step 3: Your agency will provide DEEP with any and all historical state building invoices for utilities including electricity, gas, propane, fuel oil, water, and sewer, back through FY2017.

Step 4: Your agency, with our guidance, develops a plan to continually update the EnergyCAP system with your agency’s building energy invoices as they flow in.

Step 5: Upon completion of the previous steps, your agency will be certified in the Lead By Example Energy Evaluation program, and will receive periodic energy performance profiles.

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Content last updated on March 25, 2019