DEEP: Office of Energy Efficient Businesses

Office of Energy Efficient Businesses

Program Overview
The Office of Energy Efficient Businesses (OEEB) is designed to bring energy efficiency and conservation services directly to small businesses in underserved areas in Connecticut’s cities and towns. The OEEB will identify steps small businesses can take to reduce their energy bills and increase profits – and help them implement these measures. 
The Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund (CEEF) programs, available through the electric and gas utilities, will  be used for delivery of the efficiency services to businesses.  The OEEB, established in Public Act 11-80 Sec. 119, and then codified in C.G.S. 16-2d, is offered through the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.
The Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. (CCAT) is the administrator for the OEEB program.
Services Offered
  • Energy efficiency analysis: OEEB will identify each businesses’ efficiency and conservation opportunities that are available through the CEEF’s electric and gas utility programs.

  • Energy procurement analysis: OEEB can examine energy usage to determine whether a business could obtain a more favorable rate for natural gas and/or electric generation service. An analysis of fuel switching opportunities will be provided.

  • Renewable energy analysis: OEEB can identify financially attractive renewable energy technologies suitable for use by a business – and also identify available funding from existing state and/or federal programs.

Service Features
  • Direct outreach to small businesses
  • A single point of contact for all energy services
  • Information on loans and grants for energy efficiency, conservation, and renewable energy
  • Energy assessment services and on-site outreach by independent staff
  • Information on accessing Connecticut’s competitive electric and gas suppliers
  • Increased business profits from lower energy bills
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuels
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increased economic growth opportunities for Connecticut’s clean energy sector
Who Is Eligible
Businesses located within the State of Connecticut.
For information regarding this program, please contact OEEB at or call (860) 291-8832.