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March/April 2018
Kestrel Stewardship Program CT Wildlife (PDF)
Cutting Trees for Wildlife CT Wildlife (PDF)
January/February 2018
March/April 2017
January/February 2017
March/April 2016
The Osprey Indicator CT Wildlife (PDF)
January/February 2016
September/October 2015
Monarchs in the News CT Wildlife (PDF)
A Blue Frog in Connecticut CT Wildlife (PDF)
July/August 2015
2015 Spring Turkey Harvest CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2015
A Decade of Swift Conservation with the Wildlife Action Plan  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Nest Boxes Making a Difference for American Kestrels  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Recent Connecticut Deer Program Activities  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Mapping Populations of 17-Year Periodical Cicadas  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Discarded Tires and Mosquitoes: A Quality of Life and Public Health Perspective  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2015 a Banner Year for the Midwinter Bald Eagle Survey  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2015
A Habitat Management Paradox: Invasive Trees at Charles Island Are Both Good and Bad  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Going Back in Time  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Coastal Wildlife Habitat Management at Stewart B. McKinney National Wildlife Refuge  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Restoring a True Coastal Preserve in Southeastern CT  CT Wildlife (PDF)

November/December 2014
CE/FS Instructor Recognized for Milestone Accomplishment  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2014 Was a Banner Year for Nesting Piping Plovers  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Increasing Awareness About Beach-nesting Birds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Hunters Providing Valuable Data  CT Wildlife (PDF)

September/October 2014
CT Wildlife Action Plan - Protecting Pollinators  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Habitat at Charles Island to Be Restored  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Waterfowl Training Day a "Honking" Success  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Be a Mentor to a New Hunter  CT Wildlife (PDF)

July/August 2014
Input Sought for CT's Wildlife Action Plan  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT's Ruffed Grouse Project Enters Third Year  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Keeping Watch Over CT's Bald Eagles  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT's Waters Harbor an Invasive Clam  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Choosing a Career as a Wildlife Biologist  CT Wildlife (PDF)

May/June 2014
Best Management Practices for Salamanders  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Deer Capture Efforts Continue in Northwest CT  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Crossbows -- Expanding Opportunities for Bowhunters  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Northern Shovelers to Be Featured on 2015 CT Duck Stamp  CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2014
Keeping a Salamander-friendly Yard  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Record Number of Eagles Counted During Midwinter Survey  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Record Deer Harvest in 2013 by Bowhunters  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Be on the Look-out for Piping Plovers with leg Bands  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT Waterfowl Association Launches Mentoring Program  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2014
Wanted: Kestrel Nest Box Stewards  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2014 Is the Year of the Salamander  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Watchable Wildlife - Wheeler WMA  CT Wildlife (PDF)
From Yard Work to Construction  CT Wildlife (PDF)

November/December 2013
Saltmarsh Restoration & Wintering Black Ducks  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Monitoring Wild Turkey Populations in CT  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Plastic Pollution Problem - You Can Help  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Nesting Shorebirds Continue to Face Challenges  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Think Twice Before Getting a Pet Snake  CT Wildlife (PDF)

September/October 2013
Purple Martin Research Continues  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Chimney Swift Roost Monitoring Begins to Reveal Patterns  CT Wildlife (PDF)
DEEP Receives Federal Grant to Restore Coastal Habitats  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Nesting Bald Eagles and Peregrine Falcons on the Rise  CT Wildlife (PDF)

July/August 2013
Fawn Mortality Research Project Enters a Second Year  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Amphibian Chytrid Fungus in Connecticut  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Monitoring Connecticut's Colonial Waterbirds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Moose on the Move  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2013 Spring and 2012 Fall Wild Turkey Harvest  CT Wildlife (PDF)

May/June 2013
An American Kestrel Case Study  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT and the Regional New England Cottontail Initiative  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Released Balloons Deadly to Wildlife  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Living with Snakes  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Hunting Is Lowering Deer Numbers in Fairfield County  CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2013
Conservation Partnership for Coastal Birds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
An Innovative Use of an Old Idea  CT Wildlife (PDF)
North American Waterfowl Management Plan  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Collecting Wild Snakes - Know the Laws & Issues  CT Wildlife (PDF)
One Truly Extraordinary Bug  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2013
2013 Is the Year of the Snake  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Assessing the Status of Forest Interior & Shrubland Birds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Mating Season Movements of CT Cervids  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT's Timberland Duck - the Hooded Merganser  CT Wildlife (PDF)
New England Cottontail Projects on State & Private Lands  CT Wildlife (PDF)

November/December 2012
New Research on CT's Ruffed Grouse Population  CT Wildlife (PDF)
WSFR Past, Present, and Future  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Secretive Marshbird Monitoring & Rail Nesting Success  CT Wildlife (PDF)
What Does It Mean to Be a Land Steward?  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Coastal Sand Dunes  CT Wildlife (PDF)

September/October 2012
Monitoring CT's Rare Plant Species  CT Wildlife (PDF)
WHAMM Projects Clear the Way for Improved Wetlands  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Prepare Windows and Turn Off Lights to Protect Birds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Deer Program Update 2012  CT Wildlife (PDF)
A Welcome Alliance  CT Wildlife (PDF)

July/August 2012
Wildlife Education at Sessions Woods  CT Wildlife (PDF)
A Call to Duty: Beach Monitoring During Shorebird Nesting Season  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Intrepid Woodland Raptor - Red-shouldered Hawk  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Get the Facts on Jellyfish  CT Wildlife (PDF)

May/June 2012
Restoring the Wild Turkey to Connecticut  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Wood Duck Success Story  CT Wildlife (PDF)
An Alternative Approach to Monitoring CT's Deer Population  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Searching for Wood Turtles in Fairfield County  CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2012
State Wildlife Management Areas a Benefit of Federal Aid  CT Wildlife (PDF)
An Ecological Spring Awakening in Our Vernal Pools  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Encounters in Red and Blue: the Five-lined Skink  CT Wildlife (PDF)
May is Swiftly Approaching  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2012
Celebrating 75 Years of Partnership for American Wildlife  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Migratory Gamebird Management Throughout the Years  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT's Role in Restoring the New England Cottontail  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Chimney Swift Field Season Update, 2011  CT Wildlife (PDF)

November/December 2011
Storms and High Tides a Challenge for Plovers and Terns  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Highlights of the Junior Naturalist Series at Belding WMA  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Sea Turtles  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Citizen Action on Behalf of Turtles  CT Wildlife (PDF)

September/October 2011
Cougar Makes Incredible Journey from South Dakota to CT  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Banding Together for Purple Martins  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Where Do Turtles Go in Winter?  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Denizens of Darkness . . . Facts & Fables About Bats  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Semipalmated Sandpiper - What Will the Future Hold?  CT Wildlife (PDF)

July/August 2011
Horseshoe Crabs  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Mountain Lion Killed on Parkway in Milford  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Wildlife Biologist Julie Victoria Retires  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Four Peregrine Chicks Banded at Travelers Tower  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Keep Wild Turtles Wild  CT Wildlife (PDF)

May/June 2011
The Conservation of Tidal Marsh Birds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
What's the Buzz About Native Solitary Bees?  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Zebra Mussels in Western Connecticut  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Injured Golden Eagle Rehabilitated and Released in CT  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Results for the 2010 Fall Wild Turkey Hunting Seasons  CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2011
Study Shows Rehabilitated Fawns Have Poor Survival  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Mixed Results for First Year of Forest Interior Bird Studies  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Determining Why Chimney Swifts Are Declining  CT Wildlife (PDF)
CT's Tiger of the Night - The Great Horned Owl  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Numbers Up for the 2011 Midwinter Waterfowl Survey  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2011
Sand Dunes Stabilized at Harkness State Park  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Five Bees Added to CT's Endangered Species List  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Timber Rattlesnake: A Modern Day Legend  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Race to Save Bats Continues  CT Wildlife (PDF)
How to Be a Good Bluebird Box Landlord  CT Wildlife (PDF)

November/December 2010
Restoring Winter Roosting Habitat for the Saw-whet Owl  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Future of Moose in Connecticut  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Blue Spots and Spade Feet  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2010 Atlantic Population Canada Goose Banding  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Waterfowl Hunters in CT, an Aging and Declining Population  CT Wildlife (PDF)

September/October 2010
Young Ospreys Banded to Aid Monitoring  CT Wildlife (PDF)
New Nesting Areas a Bonus for Plovers and Terns  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Chytrid Fungus Detected in Connecticut Amphibians  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Need for More Purple Martin Research  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2010 Update to CT's Endangered Species List  CT Wildlife (PDF)

July/August 2010
Survey Seeks to Find Long-eared Owls  CT Wildlife (PDF)
New England Cottontail Projects Making Strides  CT Wildlife (PDF)
2009 Disease Surveillance in White-tailed Deer  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Many Helping Hands Protect Shorebirds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
School Children Visit the Woods  CT Wildlife (PDF)

May/June 2010
Much Needed Bird Research Takes Flight  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Wintering Black Duck Study Finishing its Third and Final Year  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Bird with the Bleeding Heart  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Managing the Roger Tory Peterson Wildlife Area  CT Wildlife (PDF)
White Nose Syndrome Continues to Decimate Bats  CT Wildlife (PDF)

March/April 2010
Fish Habitat Enhanced Along the Shetucket River  CT Wildlife (PDF)
An Assessment of Deer, Ticks, and 4-poster Devices  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Sentinel of the Marsh  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Landowner Incentive Program Projects Continue  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Conservation at a Crossroads?  CT Wildlife (PDF)

January/February 2010
Year in Review 2009  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Connecticut's Other Goose - The Brant CT Wildlife (PDF)

November/December 2009
What's the Story Behind the Ear Tags on Bears?  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Provide a Safe Environment When Feeding Birds  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Little Snowbird  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Unfavorable Weather Took Its Toll on Nesting Plovers & Terns  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Tree-of-Heaven's Name May Be Endearing, But the Tree is Not  CT Wildlife (PDF)

September/October 2009
CT Partners in Regional New England Cottontail Initiative  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Early Successional Shrubland Bird Monitoring  CT Wildlife (PDF)
Banding Data Provide Insight into CT's Ospreys  CT Wildlife (PDF)
The Remarkable Story of Connecticut's Specialist  CT Wildlife (PDF)
What You Didn't Know About Bats  CT Wildlife (PDF)

July/August 2009
Wildlife Mural Unveiled at Sessions Woods  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.9mb)
Spirit on the Sound - The Common Tern  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.9mb)
An Assessment of Woodland Raptor Populations  CT Wildlife (PDF 1.9mb)
GIS Aids in Identifying Potential Spadefood Toad Habitat  CT Wildlife (PDF 1.9mb)

May/June 2009
New Estimates for Deer Densities in Fairfield County  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
DEP Biologists Make Historic Moose Capture  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
White-Nose Syndrome Devastates CT's Hibernating Bats  CT Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
Forest Conservation and the Cerulean Warbler  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
Children's Wildlife Booklet Available  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)

January/February 2009
The Year in Review 2008  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 2mb)
CT and MA Partner to Preserve Grassland Property  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 2mb)
The Great White Owl  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 2mb)

November/December 2008
Ospreys Still Soaring Along Connecticut's Coast  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
Wintering Black Duck Study Enters into Second Year  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
Is It a Decline in Chimneys or Swifts?  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
Seeking the Endangered Indiana Bat  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)
The National Archery in the Schools Program  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.8mb)

September/October 2008
Songbird Banding in Naugatuck State Forest  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
The End of the Line: Trash Poses Danger to Wildlife  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Deer Management, No Strings Attached  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Citizen Scientists Help with Woodland Raptor Surveys  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
The Need for Speed - Falcons in Connecticut  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)

July/August 2008
Using GIS to Assess CT's Changing Deer Habitat  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
WHIP Projects Continue in CT  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Wild Turkey Brood Habitat Project at Griggs Pond  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Icon of the Eastern Forest - The Ovenbird  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Urban Wetland Restoration Along the West River  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)

May/June 2008
Bad News for Bat Conservation  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
New Dog Leash Regulations in Effect for WMAs  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
Black Bear Den Visits Continue to Reveal High Survival  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
Assessing the Distribution of Secretive Marsh Birds  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)

Mar/Apr 2008
Forestry and Wildlife Work Together  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
Monitoring Connecticut Nightbirds  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
Help Untangle a Knotty Problem for Wildlife  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
A Deadly Combination  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)
Where Have All the Muskrats Gone?  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.5mb)

Jan/Feb 2008
The Year in Review 2007  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Eagles in Connecticut  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)
Hemorrhagic Disease Documented in Deer in New York  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.6mb)

Nov/Dec 2007
Grassland Habitat Conservation Initiative Update  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.2mb)
Seeking the Sly Weasel  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.2mb)
Decline in Black Ducks Has Prompted New Study  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.2mb)
The Search for the (Not So) Common Nighthawk  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.2mb)
Wildfires Out West  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.2mb)

Sep/Oct 2007
2007 CT Duck Stamp Image Donated by Local Artist  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.4mb)
Birding by the Light of the Moon  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.4mb)
Connecticut's "Flying Flowers"  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.4mb)
Resident Goose Banding Project Continues in 2007  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.4mb)
Bafflin Nature Sanctuary Enhancement Project  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1.4mb)

Jul/Aug 2007
Moose-Vehicle Accidents Expected to Increase  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 840k)
On the Trail of Bluebirds  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 840k)
Breeding Waterfowl Survey  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 840k)
Chick from Cliffside Peregrine Nest Banded  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 840k)
Bald Eagle Soars Off Federal Endangered Species List  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 840k)
Remote Camera at Bear Trap  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 840k)

May/Jun 2007
2006-07 Aerial Deer Survey  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 846k)
Bear Den Visits  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 846k)
Turkey Brood Survey  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 846k)
2007 State of the Birds Report  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 846k)
Glastonbury Shooting Range Re-Opens  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 846k)
Bald Eagle & Peregrine Falcon Nest Update  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 846k)

Mar/Apr 2007
Mosquito Management  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 795k)
Woodland Raptor Monitoring  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 795k)
Horned Larks  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 795k)
Chronic Wasting Disease Update  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 795k)

Jan/Feb 2007
2006 Year in Review  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 880k)
Redpolls in Connecticut  Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 880k)

Nov/Dec 2006
New England Cottontail Update Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 684k)
Moose Study Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 684k)
Titmice Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 684k)
Grassland Habitat Initiative Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 684k)
Peregrine Falcon Update Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 684k)

Sep/Oct 2006
Canada Goose Banding Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 556k)
Woodcock Research Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 556k)
Rare Yellow Lampmussel Found Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 556k)
Godwits Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 556k)
Deer Tested for CWD and Cadmium Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 556k)

Jul/Aug 2006
Bird Flu - What's Up in Connecticut Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 504k)
Puritan Tiger Beetle Translocation Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 504k)
CT Audubon Society: State of the Birds Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 504k)
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 504k)
Beaver Complaints Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 504k)
Waterfowl Survey Results Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 504k)

May/Jun 2006
Bat Trapping at Roxbury Mine Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 601k)
Box Turtle: A Turtle in Trouble Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 601k)
The Black Skimmer Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 601k)
CEFS Volunteer Instructors Honored Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 601k)
Black Bear Den Study Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 601k)
Eagle Midwinter Survey Results Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 601k)

Mar/Apr 2006
Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 590k)
Glastonbury Shooting Range Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 590k)
2005 Deer Hunting Season Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 590k)
2005 Turkey Hunting Season Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 590k)
Rare Mudpuppies Found Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 590k)
Birds and the Boreal Forest Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 590k)

Jan/Feb 2006
2005:Year in Review Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1,170k)
Early Successional Habitat Avian Surveys Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1,170k)
Chimney Swift Nest Search: Help Needed Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1,170k)
Bay Ducks Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 1,170k)

Nov/Dec 2005 
Wetland Bird Project Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 541k)
Piping Plover/Least Tern Nesting Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 541k)
Mimic Thrushes Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 541k)
Moose Update Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 541k)
West Nile Virus Update Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 541k)

Sep/Oct 2005 
Nightjar Surveys Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 762k)
Belding WMA Dedication Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 762k)
Long-eared and Short-eared Owls Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 762k)
Woodcock Research Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 762k)
Resident Canada Goose Study Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 762k)

Jul/Aug 2005 
CT Eagle Chick Found Nesting in New Hampshire Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 645k)
14 Bald Eagle Chicks Raised in CT Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 645k)
Chronic Wasting Disease Update Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 645k)
Waterfowl Survey Results Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 645k)
7 Peregrine Falcon Nests Monitored Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 645k)
Yellowlegs in Connecticut Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 645k)

May/June 2005 
46 Eagles Counted in Midwinter Survey Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 493k)
Den Visits Reveal Fewer Bear Cubs Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 493k)
CWD Documented in New York Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 493k)
Wildlife Division Staff Grows Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 493k)
Volunteer CE/FS Instructors Honored Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 493k)
Terns in Connecticut Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 493k)

Mar/Apr 2005 
Meet the New DEP Commissioner Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 579k)
Bluff Point Deer Management Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 579k)
Midwinter Waterfowl Survey Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 579k)
Shrubland Warblers Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 579k)
Whip-poor-wills and Nighthawks Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 579k)

Jan/Feb 2005 
2004 Year in Review Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 794k)
New England Cottontail Research Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 794k)
Crows and Ravens Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 794k)
Duck Hunter Survey Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 794k)
Northern Flying Squirrel Research Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 794k)

Nov/Dec 2004 
Connecticut's WHAMM Program Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 693k)
American Woodcock Research Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 693k)
Productivity Up for Plovers and Terns Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 693k)
Dabbling Ducks in Connecticut Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 693k)
Colonial Waterbirds Surveyed in 2004 Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 693k)
Winter Bird Feeding Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 693k)

Sep/Oct 2004
Massachusetts Moose Wanders into Connecticut Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
Soaring High with Ospreys Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
2003-2004 CWD Testing Nearing Completion Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
2004 Spring Wild Turkey Season Results Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
Keeping Track of Collared Geese Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
What's All the Rattle About Rattlesnakes? Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
Sessions Woods WMA Grows by 311 Acres Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
Peeps--the Smallest Sandpipers Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)
Six Peregrine Falcon Chicks Fledge Connecticut Wildlife (PDF 513k)

  {Federal Wildlife Restoration Logo} WCRP Projects in Connecticut
The Wildlife Conservation and Restoration Program (WCRP) was established to provide state wildlife agencies with funding to address important wildlife issues that have traditionally been under funded. Funds were available in Connecticut from 2001 to 2004.
  {Peregrine Falcon} Visit our Peregrine Falcon Page
Links to photos, facts and all the latest information about Connecticut's peregrine falcons.
Past News Features

Bear Research Continued through Summer (Sept. 2002)
Piping Plover/Least Tern Report for the 2002 Nesting Season (Sept. 2002)
Resident Canada Goose Study Gets Underway (Sept. 2002)
2002 Connecticut Duck Stamp to Be Last Collector Edition (Sept. 2002)
Saltmarsh Sparrow Research Project Initiated (Sept. 2002)
Marsh Restoration Project at Great Island Now Complete (Sept. 2002)

Dry Conditions Prevail for Breeding Waterfowl Survey (July 2002)
Wildlife are Harmed by Thoughtless Actions (July 2002)
Survey Sheds Light on Connecticut Pheasant Hunters (July 2002)
Seven Bald Eagle Chicks Banded (July 2002)
Only One Successful Peregrine Nest this Year (July 2002)
Moose are Here to Stay in Connecticut (July 2002)
Migratory Bird Stopover Project (July 2002)

Problem Bear Euthanized (May 2002)
More Bald Eagles Nesting in CT this Year (May 2002)
Radio-collared Rabbits Being Followed (May 2002)
First Training Sessions for Master Wildlife Conservationists Held (May 2002)
CT's Hunter Education Program Celebrates 20 Years (May 2002)

Bridgeport Peregrine Nest Boxes (Apr. 2001)
What ever happened to that third bear cub? (Feb. 2000)
CT Eagle Chick Observed in New York (Feb. 2000)
Survey Sheds Light on Wetland Bird Species (Jan. 2000)
Bears, Bears, Everywhere (July 1999)

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