DEEP: Flood Management and Natural Hazard Mitigation

Flood Management and Natural Hazard Mitigation

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    {2015 Torrent E-Newsletter}  

The Torrent - Archived Newsletters about floodplain management issues and FEMA programs.
{Rising Waters Video} Rising Waters: Planning for Flooding in Connecticut - An educational video that highlights flooding scenarios within our state along with the social and economic impacts of flooding, and opportunities for mitigation.  The video aims to increase the knowledge base of municipal officials to make informed decisions and effective choices supporting resilience.  (Video length - 15 minutes)
FEMA 2013 Natural Hazards Mitigation Planning Guidance Document for single and multi-jurisdictional plans.
Hazard Mitigation (link to DESPP/Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security)
Connecticut DEEP Flood Management Certification Program: 
Connecticut General Statutes section 25-68b through section 25-68h requires any state agency proposing an activity within or affecting a floodplain or that impacts natural or man-made storm drainage facilities must submit a flood management certification to DEEP.
      • Steps 1 and 2 - Is a Flood Management Certification Required? and Project Siting
      • Step 3 - Determining Project Complexity
      • Step 4 - Flood Management Certification Application and Review
For further information contact the Land and Water Resources Division at 860-424-3706.
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