DEEP: Training Materials - Segment 2

Training Materials -  Segment 2
2012:  focused on legal and administrative updates. Annual "updates" were provided on recent court cases, procedural and administrative issues.  In addition, an in-depth review of enforcement was included. 
Enforcement Outline - see enforcement flow chart at end of document (revised January 2015). 
2011:  focused on providing updates on recent court cases related to enforcement, the URA, and procedural issues.  The resource-oriented presentations emphasized scientific and legal issues related to water quality and pollution, stormwater management, and stormwater permitting.
DEEP Stormwater Program - Stormwater Permits from DEEP
2010:  focused on providing legal and regulatory updates related to permit applications, the agricultural exemption, and enforcement.  The resource-oriented presentations focused on environmental, regulatory and administrative issues related to endangered species and pesticides.
CT Environmental Conditions - Critical habitat map key
2009:  focused on issues of fundamental fairness, commissioner recusal, and municipal ethics codes.
2008:  focused on issues related to parliamentary and administrative procedures, the agricultural exemption, and CT Siting Council.
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