DEEP: Segment 2 Training Materials

Training Materials for Segment 2
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The 2012 Segment 2 program focused on legal and administrative updates. Annual "updates" were provided on recent court cases, procedural and administrative issues.  In addition, an in-depth review of enforcement was included. 
Enforcement Outline - see enforcement flow chart at end of document. 
Document revised January 2015.

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The 2011 program focused on providing updates on recent court cases related to enforcement, the URA, and procedural issues.  The resource-oriented presentations emphasized scientific and legal issues related to water quality and pollution, stormwater management, and stormwater permitting.
Legal, Statutory, and Permitting Issues
DEEP Stormwater Program - Stormwater Permits from DEEP
Resource Presentations
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The 2010 program focused on providing legal and regulatory updates related to permit applications, the agricultural exemption, and enforcement.  The resource-oriented presentations focused on environmental, regulatory and administrative issues related to endangered species and pesticides.
Endangered Species
CT Environmental Conditions - Critical habitat map key
The 2009 program focused on issues of fundamental fairness, commissioner recusal, and municipal ethics codes.
Failure to Act Process (handout is under revision)
The 2008 program focused on issues related to parliamentary and administrative procedures, the agricultural exemption, and CT Siting Council.
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