DEEP: Groton Pilot Photo Gallery

Groton/Stonington Pilot Project Photo Gallery - Page 1

The following are photographs from the pilot project to recover commercially-generated organics from restaurants, institutions and grocery stores in the Groton/Stonington area.  Select the thumbnail to see the larger version of the photograph.

{brown wheeled toters} 32 & 64 gallon totes, labeled and ready to be delivered 
to commercial food waste generators

{closeup of the labeling on a toter for food waste} Example of label on a wheeled tote

{toters full of food waste awaiting pick up} full totes on the loading dock of supermarket

{weighing wax corrugated cardboard} Weighing and inspecting contents of totes

{worker holding flowers that were in a toter of food waste} Some things are just too good to throw out!

{toters full of food waste being emptied into a packer truck} Emptying totes into a sealed packer truck.

{trailer with a water tank and pressure hose} Separate trailer with water tank, generator
and pressure hose for cleaning totes 

{toter being rinsed after emptying} Cleaning tote after emptying. Wash water goes into sealed packer truck.

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Content Last Updated on October 2003