DEEP: Brownfields Success Stories

Brownfields Success Stories
{Photo of the Meriden Green park on the former HUB brownfield}
Brownfields are a legacy of our past industrial ingenuity and key to Connecticut’s future.  Today the same Yankee ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit is helping Connecticut transform brownfields from burdens to significant assets to their communities, frequently making the communties healthier and more walkable.  Since brownfields are typically situated in areas with significant investments in existing infrastructure – including water, waste water, transportation, housing, and energy - brownfields redevelopment lessens development pressure on our precious open space.
Connecticut's innovative liability relief tools help manage the legal, financial, and liability risks associated with redeveloping brownfields.  From 2011 to 2016 Connecticut invested more than $173 million in grants and loans for the cleanup and redevelopment of brownfields in cities and towns across Connecticut.  Examples include:
Central Connecticut
former dry cleaner, New Britain - various sites including a New Britain site
Naugatuck Valley
Brownfields Development and Local Agriculture - various sites including a Shelton site
Naugatuck Valley Brownfields Pilot - various sites various towns in the Naugatuck Valley
Southwest Connecticut
Brownfields Pilot Assessment Project, various sites in Bridgeport
Bridgeport's Restored Gateway - various sites in Bridgeport
Brownfields to Greenspace - various sites, including one in Bridgeport
Southeast Connecticut
Northwest Connecticut
Keys to Success
The Getting Properties Back to Work brochure provides an overview of how EPA and DEEP Brownfields Programs work with Local Community Grantees to achieve brownfield cleanup (full layout print PDF / web version).
Please note: some of the links within the EPA documents no longer work correctly.
Last updated May 12, 2017