DEEP: Site Characterization

Site Characterization
The following resources help to define the standard of care expected when characterizing a site under various clean-up programs in Connecticut. For instance, the Connecticut Property Transfer Act requires an investigation in accordance with prevailing standards and guidelines.  DEEP's expectations are set forth in the Site Characterization Guidance Document.
Assessing Sensitive Receptors
Sampling and Analysis
Other Considerations
Underground Storage Tanks and Petroleum Releases
Vapor Intrusion

EPA's Vapor Intrusion website contains basic information about vapor intrusion, technical and policy documents, tools and other resources to support vapor intrusion investigations. It also provides access to technical reports focused on topics such as conceptual model scenarios for the vapor intrusion pathway and mitigation approaches for vapor intrusion.

Completion of Investigation
Demonstrating Compliance
Further guidance for using variances to demonstrate compliance with the RSRs can be found on the Remediation Standards Regulations main page.
Additional Information
Transmittal of Documents - Instructions and forms for electronic and hardcopy submittals
Content last updated October 18, 2019