DEEP: PREPARED Workbook Worksheets

PREPARED Workbook Worksheets
(PREPARED Municipal Workbook)
 10 Worksheets Designed to Document, Evaluate & Record
Each of the 10 worksheets corresponds to a distinct task or aspect of the PREPARED evaluation. Worksheets should be modified, as appropriate, for a specific evaluation. Completed worksheets should be revised and updated as new or more accurate information is gained. The worksheets are designed to be controlled by a key project manager but portions can also be completed by other members of the brownfields team, including other municipal colleagues, consultants and attorneys.

To complete the worksheets:
  1. Review and enter information. Provide sufficient information so that persons conducting the evaluation can rely on this information to arrive at an outcome and persons not directly involved in the evaluation can understand the evaluation and the outcome.

  2. Identify sources of information. Provide references to reports or other information from which responses are derived.

  3. Identify data gaps. Note information that is unavailable, unknown, or not applicable to the planned reuse.

Note: The worksheets are unlocked forms to be altered, as needed, by the user.
Content Last Updated May 12, 2017