DEEP: Urban Initiatives for Pollution Prevention

Urban Initiatives for Pollution Prevention

Urban Initiatives

The Hartford Neighborhood Environmental Project (HNEP) was sponsored by the Department's Office of Pollution Prevention to assist to work cooperatively to enhance the economic opportunities, environment and quality of life in Hartford neighborhoods.  The project funded the environmental education efforts of four community organizations operating in seven of Hartford's poorest neighborhoods from 1996-2001.  The HNEP published environmental inventories of two neighborhoods and fact sheets related to resources in the community.  A Hartford contact list for getting help on community environmental problems from asbestos to land-use planning is available.  This contact list is distributed to block watches at environmental problem-solving sessions.

Environmental Resources for Hartford Residents

Environmental Problem-Solving Contact List for Hartford Residents - State and local contacts for assistance on environmental problems in the community, from air pollution to land use.

HNEP Grant Report and Presentation - Power point presentation about the Hartford Neighborhood Environmental Project (30 minutes)

A Green Home is a Healthy Home - Display and brochure on reducing pollution in the home.

Breathe Easy While Cleaning - Display and recipes to make healthier home cleaners.

Other pollution prevention publications may be available from specific programs throughout the Department of Environmental Protection.

For more information on pollution and waste reduction please contact Office of Pollution Prevention at (860) 424-3297, e-mail Pollution Prevention Coordinator or write to:

Department of Environmental Protection
Planning and Program Development
Office of Pollution Prevention
79 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

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