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Participate in the GreenCircle Sustainability Award Program

Please be advised that as of January 2018, the GreenCircle Sustainability Award Program has been temporarily suspended.

If you’ve made Connecticut cleaner and greener, you deserve to be considered for a GreenCircle Sustainability award.

Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), is challenging everyone in Connecticut to do a little extra to help improve the quality of life in our beautiful state.

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Since 1998, DEEP'S GreenCircle Award Program has recognized businesses, institutions, individuals, and civic organizations who participated in energy conservation, transportation, pollution prevention or recycling related activities or projects that promoted natural resource conservation or environmental awareness. 

The GreenCircle program is now focused on overall sustainability.  Through this program, we want to recognize those who took a holistic approach to reducing the environmental impact and resource demands of their operations and activities during the 2016 calendar year.

Your sustainability efforts might include everything from energy conservation, to reducing your need for water, to increasing the recycling of materials at your facility. So in nominating yourself for this award program tell us about the entirety of your work to conserve energy, and resources, and to be a better steward of our planet. When you do so, make sure to tell us about the results of your program – like how much you are saving in dollars and in resources.

The GreenCircle Sustainability Award is meant to reward your efforts. The methods by which you accomplish your goal may come from the type of activities listed under Sustainability Components.

Who's eligible?

Any business, institution, individual or group operating or living in the State of Connecticut is eligible to participate.

  • Businesses, large and small, in the commercial, industrial, and service sectors
  • Government and other non-profit institutions such as municipalities, state agencies, schools, colleges, universities, and hospitals
  • Individuals, teachers and other volunteers
  • Groups: civic, community or public interest

Sustainability Components 

Facility-wide Initiatives (may include certification)

  • {Two hands holding the earth} Design and develop building projects that fulfill Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification requirements
  • Complete an Energy Star benchmarking of a building and/or qualify for the Energy Star program
  • Certify to ISO 14001
  • Document and implement a facility-wide pollution prevention plan
  • Execute changes that reduce annual energy or water consumption rates by more than 15%

Energy & Climate Change 

  • Implement clean energy generation projects utilizing fuel cells, solar, geothermal or wind power 
  • Purchase "green-e" certified renewable power
  • Implement a project to reduce greenhouse gas emissions {solar panels}
  • Complete a greenhouse gas inventory for your municipality, business or educational institution
  • Voluntarily convert or retrofit existing diesel-powered fleet or off-road construction vehicles to significantly reduce air emissions (e.g., retrofit with diesel oxidation catalysts, install diesel particulate filters, convert to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, etc.)
  • Promote or sponsor a company-wide or facility-wide employee commute program
  • Convert or purchase fleet vehicles that run on natural gas, electricity, hybrid gas/electricity, or other alternative fuels or vehicles having a mileage rating of greater than 40 miles per gallon and an emission standard level of ultra-low or cleaner
  • Implement projects that increase resilience to a changing climate such as shoreline protection/living shoreline, flood and erosion control, and green infrastructure


  • {water conservation} Install a 100% recycled process or cooling water system
  • Implement manufacturing processes that eliminate or significantly reduce the quantity or toxicity of a facility’s water discharge
  • Install water conserving fixtures such as toilets, faucets and showers

Materials Management/Recycling 

  • Implement manufacturing processes that eliminate or significantly reduce the quantity or toxicity of a facility’s waste stream
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  • Successfully implement an innovative recycling program that generates an environmental benefit and goes beyond what is required
  • Execute an innovative purchasing program that promotes the procurement of recycled and environmentally preferable products
  • Separate organic materials for composting or animal feed
Civic Improvements
  • Improve public access to shore, waterfront, private lands, or streams through voluntary projects
  • Open large tracts of private property for public recreation
  • Adopt a vacant lot, park, community garden, stretch of highway or beach for a year
  • Organize a river watch program
  • Sponsor a river, beach or neighborhood clean-up day
  • Promote conservation and preservation of critical plant or animal habitats
  • Implement habitat enhancements for fish or wildlife on public or private property
  • Voluntarily contribute significant time or resources to environmental programs
  • Donate significant time or resources to assist with environmental projects
  • {wind mills} Any systems or processes that have been used to provide better environmental outcomes. Data that supports environmental improvement is requested, if available.

Benefits of the GreenCircle Sustainability Award Program

Recognition as a member of the Commissioner’s GreenCircle Sustainability Award program includes a certificate of commendation, listings in press releases, and presence on the DEEP website.

The GreenCircle Sustainability Award program is also a partnership between DEEP and the Hartford Business Journal and its CT Green Guide. As a result, this program will be promoted in those publications and winners will be featured in them. The Hartford Business Journal will also host award winners at a special recognition ceremony.

How to Apply

As of January 2018, the GreenCircle Sustainability Award Program has been temporarily suspended.

You must complete and submit the GreenCircle Sustainability Award Program Application Form electronically.  (Note: To ensure the application can be submitted electronically, it is best to save the file to your computer and then open with Adobe Reader.  Tips for Viewing and Using Fillable PDFs)

Application requires applicant information, brief explanation of your project and the results.

Applications must be received by March 10, 2017 for project activities completed between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.  You will be sent an email acknowledging receipt of your application within 5 business days.

Evaluation Criteria

All applications received by the deadline are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Project describes multi-faceted sustainability initiatives;
  2. Demonstration of results from project (documentation must be available upon request);
  3. Project demonstrates permanent change(s) to processes and ongoing environmental benefits; and
  4. Signed certification that the information provided in the application is true and accurate.

Judging Process

An advisory committee comprised of members of the community and DEEP reviews and evaluates all applications submitted by the deadline. DEEP will notify the award winners from each sector in writing.

Any Questions?

For further information about the GreenCircle Sustainability Award program, contact DEEP's Office of Communications at or call 860-424-3110. We look forward to hearing what you have done to improve our environment!

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Finalists and Award Recipients

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