DEEP: Greenways

Come Explore Connecticut's Greenways

{Photograph from the Blue Blazed Trail on the Metacomet Ridge} {Photograph of Eight Mile River Greenway} {Photograph of historic lock on Farmington Canal Heritage Greenway} {Photograph of Colchester Air Line State Park Trail}

"Greenway" means a corridor of open space that (1) may protect natural resources, preserve scenic landscapes and historical resources or offer opportunities for recreation or nonmotorized transportation, (2) may connect existing protected areas and provide access to the outdoors, (3) may be located along a defining natural feature, such as a waterway, along a man-made corridor, including an unused right-of-way, traditional trail routes or historic barge canals or (4) may be a greenspace along a highway or around a village. (CGS section 23-100)

The CT Trails Symposium - The Symposium is an annual conference which typically takes place on or around October 25. Attendees are offered opportunities to make connections with each other and ask questions of experts covering various topics including planning, design, construction, maintenance, mapping, diversifying users, and volunteer management.  Registration for 2019's program will be announced in September.  Mark your calendar in advance!

You can also view selected presentations from past events held at Middlesex Community College and Goodwin College.

Nominate Your Greenway for Official Designation - The Connecticut Greenways Council solicits nominations every February for official state greenway designation. Potential applicants are welcome to submit pre-proposals anytime to allow for discussions with CGC members and facilitation of new greenway designations when appropriate.  The deadline for 2019 was April 26.

Annual Greenways Awards and Celebration - This event is held annually in conjunction with National Trails Day on the first Friday in June.  This year's event, open to the public, will take place on Friday, May 31 at Stratton Brook State Park in Simsbury.  The CT Greenways Council will announce a newly designated CT Greenway and present awards to honor group and individual achievements.  Awards presented from 1999 to 2018.

Content last updated May 21, 2019