DEEP: LIS Blue Plan Final Draft

Long Island Sound Blue Plan
Final Draft for Connecticut General Assembly
The final draft of the Long Island Sound Blue Plan is now available:
Version 1.2 of the Blue Plan dated September 2019 includes all Plan revisions and modifications resulting from public comments received during the 90-day public review period (March 20, 2019 to June 21, 2019).  This is the Blue Plan version that will be submitted to the Connecticut General Assembly's Environment Committee before the start of the legislative session on February 5, 2020. 
Within 45 days of the start of the legislative session and receipt of the Blue Plan, the Environment Committee must conduct a public hearing on the Plan.
Within 45 days of that public hearing, the Environment Committee must then submit the Blue Plan and its recommendation for approval or disapproval of the Plan to the full General Assembly.
The Long Island Sound Blue Plan will become effective when it is approved by a majority vote of each chamber of the General Assembly.
Questions about next steps for the Blue Plan can be sent to:
  •; or
  • LIS Blue Plan, DEEP WPLR, Land and Water Resources Division Planning, 79 Elm Street, Hartford, CT 06106
To receive updates on the status of the Blue Plan as it makes its way through the legislative review process, please join the Long Island Sound Blue Plan listserv.
Content Last Updated September 18, 2019