DEEP: Long Island Sound Blue Plan Related Links

Blue Plan Related Links
Documents from the Blue Plan
Blue Plan Basics Factsheets:
Background Documents on Cross-Sound Infrastructure
Comprehensive Assessment and Report on the Environmental Resources and Energy Infrastructure of Long Island Sound: June 3, 2003 Report from the Task Force on Long Island Sound established by PA 02-95/Executive Order 26 to examine and evaluate the state’s processes for balancing energy reliability and the need for transmission expansion projects, both for Connecticut and for the region, with enhanced protection of the natural resources of Long Island Sound
Federal and Regional Marine Spatial Planning
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminstration (NOAA) Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning: NOAA’s overview of coastal and marine spatial planning at the national and regional levels
Northeast Regional Planning Body: New England’s Regional Ocean Planning Body, organized under the National Ocean Strategy
Northeast Ocean Data Portal: A very useful compilation of resource, habitat, and human use data for the entire Northeast region, including Long Island Sound
Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body: The Regional Ocean Planning Body extending from New York to Virginia
Mid-Atlantic Data Portal: Provides data on ocean science and maps through a state-of-the-art data visualization, storytelling, and networking platform.
National Ocean Council Governance Coordinating Committee (GCC) Voices for the Ocean 2016: A summary of what the GCC views as the most important inter-jurisdictional ocean issues for the Nation.
Neighboring State Marine Spatial Plans
New York Ocean Action Plan: New York’s plan for the offshore ocean area, not including Long Island Sound
New York State Geographic Information Gateway: Data portal to information about New York’s lands and waters
Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan: First completed in 2009, reviewed and updated in 2015
Rhode Island Ocean Special Area Management Plan: First completed in 2010, reviewed and updated in 2015 
Other Links to Marine Spatial Planning
NOAA Digital Coast Ocean Dimensions Video: Provides background information on ocean planning
NOAA Digital Coast Ocean Dimensions 3-D Interactive Map: Provides information about the ocean spanning three dimensions and includes resources and uses on the sea surface, seafloor, water column, and air column
Open Channels "Insights from Leaders: Practical Solutions on Ocean Planning" Video Series: Video clips offering insights and guidance on ocean management from experienced professionals in the field of marine spatial planning
Open Channels "Marine Spatial Planning in a Nutshell" Video: A five-minute film that simplifies the concept of Marine Spatial Planning
Keep the Ocean Working: A wide variety of stakeholders explain their commitment to and support for marine spatial planning
Green Fire Productions, Ocean Frontiers Film Series: Short films illustrating the CMSP process, including in New England
Documents from the Connecticut-New York Bi-State Long Island Sound Marine Spatial Planning Working Group
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