DEEP: Laws and Regulations Regarding Connecticut Trees

Laws and Regulations Regarding Connecticut Trees
Below are a few of the key state laws pertaining to trees. For the complete listing of laws and regulations relating to trees, please see the Compilation of Connecticut's Tree Laws
Department of Transportation (DOT) 
  • CGS Section 13a-140   Removal of trees along state highways.  Penalties established by municipalities 
  • CGS Section 16-234   Rights of adjoining proprietors. Utility responsibilities regarding community trees 
Tree Wardens 
 Public Trees
Arborist Licensing
 Forest Practices
Damages to Trees; Timber Trespass; Encroachment on State, Municipal or Nonprofit Land
  • CGS Section 52-560     Damages for cutting trees, timber or shrubbery
  • CGS Section 52-560a   Damages for encroachment on state, municipal or nonprofit land conservation organization open space land. (See also CGS Section 23-65 for damage or unauthorized removal of trees under the care and control of the municipal tree warden.)
Other Information
For additional information, please contact:
Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection:
Forestry Division
860-424-3630 or
Content last updated May 18, 2018