DEEP: Final Recommendations

Final Report of the
State Vegetation Management Task Force
In order to make downloading and review of the document easier, the full document has been divided into separate parts below.
Part One (PDF, 1.70 MB) - Introductory Section
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Introduction & Key Definitions
Task Force Findings and Assumptions
The Benefits of Trees
      The Importance of Large Trees
      The Costs of Municipal Trees
Part Two (PDF, 139 KB) - General Recommendations
General Recommendations
Part Three (PDF, 128 KB) - Public Education Recommendations
Part Four (PDF, 346 KB) - Regulations, Legislation and Funding Recommendations
Building a Municipal Tree Management Budget
Part Five (PDF, 1.30 MB) - Technical Standards Recommendation (full file)
Because this section is lengthy, it has been further divided into sub-parts:
         Roadside Trees on Private Property - Legal Considerations
Right Tree, Right Place Standards          
         Trees with Short Mature Heights
         Selected Shrubs Suitable for Planting near Utilities
Tree Pruning Standards
Utility Line Clearance Standards (Proposed Jointly by CL&P and UI)
Utility Line Clearance Standards - Communications (Proposed Jointly by AT&T)
Part Six (PDF, 149 KB) - Final Comments
Recommendations Considered But Not Made
To Do List
Part Seven (PDF, 150 KB) - Appendix 1: Task Force Member Biographies

Part Eight
 (PDF, 151 KB) - Appendix 2: Task Force Ground Rules and Roles
Part Nine (PDF, 172 KB) - Appendix 3: Task Force Working Groups
Part Ten (PDF, 169 KB) - Appendix 4: Two Storm Panel Report Findings in Tree Trimming
Part Eleven (PDF, 5.00 MB) - Appendix 5: Draft Brochures for Public Education
Part Twelve (PDF, 208 KB) - Appendix 6:  State Statutes Relevant to the Work of the Task Force
Content last updated August 28, 2012