DEEP: Fall Colors

The Fall Colors of Some of Connecticut's Trees

Tree Yellow Bronze Orange Red Purple Brown
Ash {Ash Leaf}     {Ash Leaf} {Ash Leaf}  
Aspen, Quaking {Quaking Aspen Leaf}          
Beech    {Beech Leaf}        
Birches  {Birch Leaf}          
Cherries {Cherry Leaf}     {Cherry Leaf}    
Dogwood       {Dogwood Leaf} {Dogwood Leaf}  
Hickories {Hickory Leaf}          
Maple, Norway  {Norway Maple Leaf}          
Maple, Red {Red Maple Leaf}     {Red Maple Leaf}    
Maple, Silver  {Silver Maple Leaf}         {Silver Maple Leaf}
Maple, Sugar   {Sugar Maple Leaf}   {Sugar Maple Leaf}    
Oak, Red        {Red Oak Leaf}    
Oak, Scarlet    {Scarlet Oak Leaf}   {Scarlet Oak Leaf}    

Oak, White


{White Oak Leaf}

Sassafras  {Sassafras Leaf}   {Sassafras Leaf} {Sassafras Leaf} {Sassafras Leaf}  
Sumac  {Sumac Leaf}   {Sumac Leaf} {Sumac Leaf} {Sumac Leaf}  
Tulip Tree  {Tulip Tree Leaf}          

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