DEEP: Commissioner Declarations

Commissioner Declarations
The Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection has statutory and regulatory authority under several circumstances to declare and adjust closed seasons, close areas to fishing, specify conditions for operating commercial fisheries, and to establish and adjust possession and length limits. Declaration authority may be used to protect species threatened with undue depletion, to adjust harvest levels consistent with efficient management of a species, and to conform to regulations adopted under the Fishery Conservation and Management Act or by other regional management authorities such as the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission.
Following are active Commissioner Declarations establishing rules for both recreational and commercial fisheries.

Marine Fisheries
D18-02 Coastal Shark Recreational and Commercial Fishery Measures for 2018.
Commercial Fisheries: Use of Commercial Fishing Gear.
D18-07 Lobster Season.
D18-08 Recreational Fishery Measures for 2018.

D18-09 Commercial Fisheries: Open seasons, possession limits and minimum lengths for several species.
Inland Fisheries
Content last updated June 20, 2018