DEEP: EZ File Permit Applications

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On-line Permit Applications for Fishing and Boating

The following fishing and boating permit applications can now be submitted through DEEP's on-line ezFile system:
  • Inland Fishing Tournament/Derby
  • Marine Fishing Tournament/Registration
  • Marine Event
  • Importation of Live Fish or Live Fish Eggs
  • Liberation of Live Fish or Live Fish Eggs
  • Special Regulations on Association Controlled Waters
  • Private Waters Registration
We encourage you to use the new ezFile application process.  However, if you do not have access to a computer, you may still submit a paper-based application.  
Note: Processing time for paper-based applications may be longer than for applications submitted through ezFile.
Benefits of using ezFile include:
  • Access to view pending and approved applications/permits for activities at state-owned boat ramps.
  • Pending applications or approved permit applications can be used as a template for new applications.
  • Applications can be “shared” so that one or more individuals can enter necessary information.
  • One click mapping to identify exact locations of proposed fishing or boating activities.
  • Pre-populated drop-down lists to facilitate appropriate selections.
  • E-mail confirmation of submission, DEEP decision on the application, and reminders of required reports.
Resources to assist with your transition from paper based applications and permits to ezFile:

Content Last Updated April 2016