DEEP: Fishing Challenge

Fishing Challenge
This activity invites you
to try and catch at least
one of every type of fish
on the official list.
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In this challenge the passport holder must try and catch at least one of each of these common Connecticut game fish:
While you may have your favorite place to fish, the Fishing Challenge Official List provides some suggestions to try.  This will encourage YOUth anglers to experience the various fishes found in Connecticut and expand their angling knowledge.
When successful:
  • Take a photo showing the fish and YOUth angler with a recognizable landmark at the water body. (The fish should be next to a ruler to show its length if you think it may qualify for a Trophy Fish Award).
  • Good photo opportunity locations would be next to boat ramp signage, DEEP fishing information posters, or State Park signage.
  • Send your photo and Conservation ID number to: DEEP, Inland Fisheries Division, 79 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106, or email this information to:
We will keep a record of who has caught which fishes.  Periodic updates will be posted on this web page as well as on the CT Fish and Wildlife Facebook page.  Beginning in 2014, there will also be an annual acknowledgement ceremony to recognize successful participants as part of the Annual Trophy Fish Award Ceremony held each February.
Please contact the Inland Fisheries Office with any questions.
Phone: 860-424-FISH (3474)

Content last updated June 2016