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Angler's Guide
Summary of  important rules and regulations governing sport fishing in Connecticut.

CARE - Let's Go Fishing! (PDF)
This workbook is used for our beginning learn to fish classes

Fish Consumption Advisory (link to Department of Public Health)
Information on the Connecticut's Fish Consumption A and the safe eating of fish caught in Connecticut.

Fish Distribution Report (PDF)
See how many fish were stocked in your favorite fishing spot!  Includes the number of fish stocked and the location.

Fishing Line Recycling Locations in Connecticut
A list of inland and coastal locations where fishing line recycling receptacles are located.

Increasing Angler Participation in Connecticut (PDF)
A summary of license sales and various recruitment, retention, and reactivation initiatives implemented from 2011-2016.


Trout and Salmon Stamp Brochure

A Fisheries Guide to Lakes and Ponds of Connecticut
Features over 120 water bodies that were surveyed from 1987 through 2000

A Pictorial Guide to Freshwater Fishes of Connecticut
Features over 80 fish species found in Connecticut Waters

Interactive Atlas of Crayfish of Connecticut
An interactive map showing the distribution of the nine species of crayfish observed though DEEPís Fisheries and Water Quality Monitoring programs.  The application contains a map for each species, an overview of crayfish anatomy, key identification characteristics, and detailed photographs. Contact DEEP Fisheries at 860-424-3474 or email to contribute additional information

Connecticut Crayfish Identification Chart
A simple flowchart for identifying crayfish of Connecticut

Among Headwaters Conservation Genetics of Brook Trout:  Occurrence of Meta-Populations and Landscape Scale Fragmentation

Bass Management Lakes Brochure and Plan

Trout Management Areas Brochure and Plan

2016-17 Inland Fisheries Division Annual Performance Reports

CT Aquatic Resources Education (CARE)

Diadromous Fish Restoration and Enhancement

Habitat Conservation and Enhancement

Inland Fisheries Research and Management (entire report)

Bass Research and Management

Channel Catfish Management

Coldwater Lakes Management

Farmington River Management

Housatonic River Research and Management

Lake and Large River Angler Surveys

Monitoring Fish Populations in Streams

Monitoring Warmwater Fish Populations in Lakes and Large Rivers

Northern Pike Management

Stream Angler Surveys

Wild Trout Management

Trout Stocking

Walleye Management


Marine Fisheries Trophy Fish Award Program Summary (PDF)
See how many trophy saltwater fish were caught in your favorite marine fishing spot!  Includes the number of awards by each species along with new state records.

2007 Eelgrass Report (PDF)
An assessment of the impacts of commercial and recreational fishing and other activities to eelgrass in Connecticutís waters and recommendations for management. Submitted in response to Public Act 01-115.

Marine Fisheries Information Circular (PDF)
Information on Connecticut's statutes and regulations governing the taking of lobsters, marine and anadromous finfish, and crabs by commercial and recreational fishermen.

Marine Fisheries Interstate Management (PDF)
Collect fishery dependent statistics from harvesters and dealers on catch, harvest, fishing effort by gear type and season; compile and analyze the data to provide information for quota monitoring, stock assessment, and development and evaluation of Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) and management measures.

A Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut
See below for the latest Annual Performance Reports for the Marine Fisheries Recreational Fisheries Projects.  Recommend downloading individual reports due to large file size of full report.

2016 Marine Fisheries Division Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut(Full Report, PDF)

2015 Marine Fisheries Division Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut
(Full Report, PDF)

2014 Marine Fisheries Division Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut (Full Report, PDF)

2013 Marine Fisheries Division Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut (Full Report, PDF)

2012 Marine Fisheries Division Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut (Full Report, PDF)

   2011 Marine Fisheries Division Study of Marine Recreational Fisheries in Connecticut (Full Report, PDF)

Striped Bass Management Plan The latest document regarding Amendment 6 of the ASMFC Fisheries Management Plan for striped bass.

Lobster Information

The latest Disaster Relief Report summarizing the results of the lobster assessment and monitoring project from 2001 to 2005.
Spring 2005 Disaster Relief Report  (PDF) 

The initial report on the widespread lobster die-off that occurred during 1998-1999.
1999 Lobster Mortality Report


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