DEEP: Fishing Guide

Fishing Guide (Formerly Angler's Guide)
A printed version of the Fishing Guide can be obtained anywhere you can purchase a fishing license or by calling (860) 424-FISH (3474). {Cover of Angler}
An alternate link for the complete Fishing Guide is available in digital book format (Link to J.F.Griffin Publishing - requires Adobe Flash Player, a free software download from Adobe) and will be continually updated with regulatory changes as they occur. 
The Fishing Guide is a large file and may take several minutes to download.  To make accessing information on specific topics faster, individual sections of the guide have also been provided for downloading. 
The Fishing Guide is also available in pdf format in both English and Spanish.  Printed copies of the Spanish edition are available at many locations across the state.    

Complete Fishing Guide (PDF; approximately 7MB) (Español)  {SpanishGuideCover}

PART ONE - General Fishing Information: Licenses and Permits, Trophy Fish Award, Fish Consumption, Aquatic Invasive Species (Español)

PART TWO - Inland Fisheries: Regulations, Definitions, State Record Fish, Lakes and Ponds, Rivers and Streams, Freshwater Fish Guide (Español) 

PART THREE - Marine Fisheries: Regulations, Marine Angler Surveys, Enhanced Fishing Opportunities, Coastal Boat Launches, State Record Fish, Tide Table  (Español)

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The Fishing Guide is intended to provide a summary of the more important rules and regulations governing sport fishing in Connecticut and to assist in the enjoyment of the angling experience. For legal purposes, the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and the General Statutes of Connecticut must be consulted.

REMINDER: Public access to fishing waters is restricted to rights-of way designated by poster or by permission of landowner.  On state-leased streams, fishermen must stay near the stream bank as indicated by signs.

For information on the latest Fish Consumption Advisory issued by the Department of Public Health, please see A Guide to Safe Eating of Fish Caught in Connecticut.

Informational Brochures/Folletos de Informacion
Educational fishing brochures (inland and marine) are available in both English and Spanish.
Información disponible en español relacionada con la pesca en Connecticut.
Los folletos de la pesca en aguas dulces y aguas saladas fuerón traducidos al español para la distribución a la comunidad hispana residente en Connecticut.  El objetivo de los folletos de pesca en español es para ayudar a fomentar, aumentar, y promover la participación hispana en esta actividad.
Somos afortunados en Connecticut por el gran abastecimiento de peces .  La población de Connecticut tiene la oportunidad a pescar a no más de 5 millas de su residencia.    Las aguas dulces de Connecticut le ofrece pescar peces tales como la Trucha, la Lobina, el Lucio Norteamericano, y el Panfish. Si su preferancia es pez de agua salada, las aguas de Connecticut le ofrece pesca peces tales como la Lobina Rayada, Summer Flounder, Anjona, y Porgy.  ¡Vamonos a Pescar!

Content Last Updated  May 2019