DEEP: 2005 - No Child Left Inside® Initiative Kick Off

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No Child Left Inside® 
Initiative Kick Off

In 2005, the Connecticut DEP created its No Child Left Inside® initiative, which is designed to reconnect children with the outdoors, showcase the recreational opportunities available in Connecticut’s state parks and forests, and build the next generation of environmental stewards. In 2010, we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of The Great Park Pursuit, one of the key components of No Child Left Inside®.

No Child Left Inside® aims to reach Connecticut families and make them aware of the wide range of recreational opportunities available in our state parks, forests, wildlife management areas, and waterways. The initiative aims to increase public awareness of recreational opportunities, enhance the public’s experience when they visit one of the Department’s recreational areas, foster future generations of environmental stewards by connecting children with their surroundings and educating them about their environment, and developing partnerships that further the goals of this initiative.

The Great Park Pursuit is a seven-week competition during which families travel from park to park and participate in a variety of activities tied to either recreational offerings or the natural history of the site. The event has generated a great deal of interest that has grown each year. In the first year, more than 400 families signed up to participate. That number grew to 750 families in 2007, more than 900 families in 2008 and nearly 1,100 families in 2009. Registration for this year’s edition of the Great Park Pursuit runs through April 24.

The initiative is achieving desired results. Families have reported it has encouraged them to increase outdoor activities.  One study of participating families revealed that 92% were now more likely to go to a State Park. In addition to the Great Park Pursuit there are many other components to No Child Left Inside® including state park passes at public libraries, urban fishing, park and forest interpreters and the annual Winter Festival.

More Information and to register for the Great Park Pursuit

What You Can Do
Take the opportunity to accompany a child outdoors - whether it is to go fishing, hiking, watch birds, or just to take a leisurely stroll.

“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in.”
Richard Louv - “Last Child in the Woods”