DEEP: Clean Water State Revolving Funds

Clean Water State Revolving Funds
DEEP was awarded a $48 million in ARRA funding to capitalize Connecticut's revolving loan fund for the financing of construction of wastewater treatment facilities and associated infrastructure.  This federal grant funding was deposited into the Connecticut state revolving fund also known as the Clean Water Fund.  All funds within the Clean Water Fund (CWF) are governed by applicable state statutes (CGS 22a-475 through 483) and the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies known as the CWF Regulations.  Funding under the CWF is established based upon a priority rating system with criteria regarding improvements to water quality and the protection of public health. The ARRA funds followed the same priority rating system and method of awards as the state contributions to the CWF.

Based on a federal statutory allotment, Connecticut received $48,010,300.

Projects Funded:  ARRA funding was directed to construct 4 combined sewer overflow sewer separation (CSO) projects and 1 electrical generation project, which met the ARRA requirement that 20% of this grant be invested in green infrastructure.  All 5 projects were with the Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) in Hartford, and these projects were the highest priority on the priority list. 

As of the quarter ended December 31, 2012, ARRA funding was fully expended for all four of the MDC CSO projects and the green infrastructure - electrical generation project.  Any remaining work on these projects will be funded with state or local funding.

The construction projects funded by this grant will result in the reduction of combined sewage (sanitary and storm sewage) that discharges into receiving waters in the City of Hartford.  In addition, there is direct job creation and retention for engineers and construction contractors for these projects.  There are also indirect effects on jobs that have not been fully evaluated.  Since this grant has been awarded, over 75 engineers, construction contractors and other sub contractors have performed services on these five projects.