Frequently Asked Questions

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Stamp

Effective January 1, 2020 - Aquatic Invasive Species Stamp- Public Act No. 19-190

An Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Stamp fee will be collected from any person who registers a vessel or renews a vessel registration in Connecticut.  Boaters with out of state registrations who boat on Connecticut inland waters will also be required to pay an AIS fee.

What is the AIS Stamp?
The AIS Stamp is proof that you have paid a fee dedicated to the Connecticut Lakes, Rivers, and Ponds Preservation account. Funds aggregated from these fees will be used for projects involving the restoration and rehabilitation of lakes, ponds, and rivers, treatment to control AIS and cyanobacteria, and education and outreach programs to promote AIS awareness in Connecticut.

Do I need to purchase an AIS Stamp if my vessel is registered in CT?
No, while the AIS fee of five dollars is separate from your vessel registration fee it will be collected at the same time that you register your vessel or renew your vessel registration.  This way, your registration validation decal can serve as your AIS stamp.

Do out of state registered vessels need an AIS Stamp to operate on Connecticut waters?
Anyone intending to operate an out of state registered vessel on Connecticut inland waters, must purchase an AIS Stamp for a fee of $20. The AIS Stamp may be purchased through the Online Sportsmen Licensing System or in person at one of DEEP's Processing Office. There are only a few DEEP processing Offices so we recommend that you purchase your stamp through the Online Sportsmen's Licensing System, a town hall that has opted to sell sportsmenís licenses, or at a number of other vendors offering access to the Online Sportsmen's Licensing System. You can view a complete list of vendors on the DEEP website or call DEEP Licensing and Revenue at 860-424-3105 for the vendor list. 

Once the AIS fee is paid, you will be issued a Conservation License through the online system that can be printed or downloaded to an electronic device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). This will serve as your AIS "stamp". Whether you opt to have it electronically or on paper - keep it with you -  while on our inland waters you'll need to have your "stamp" available on the boat. 

What other ways can I contribute to keeping waters clean ?
Follow the Clean, Drain, Dry method, to prevent damaging aquatic invasive species from invading waters of Connecticut.

If you have additional questions about the AIS Stamp, please contact the Boating Division at 860-434-8638 or