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So you've decided to install an EV charging station or are thinking about doing so? The resources on this page will help you explore various types of charging station equipment and also provide very useful information on siting a charging station and signage requirements.


Vendor Information


EV Charging Station Resource List {EV Charger Installation}

EVConnecticut has compiled an EV Charging Station Resource List which provides contact information for companies who are involved with the sale, service or installation of EV charging equipment.

Want to add your company to the EV Charging Station Resource List? Just complete an Electric Vehicle Station Resource Registration Form (Word , PDF) and send it to

NOTE: Inclusion on the list of electric vehicle charging station resources does not represent an endorsement by DEEP or the State of Connecticut for any of the companies listed or products provided. This list is meant as a public service.


EV Charging Equipment Vendors on State Contract

DEEP conducted an RFP process resulting in selection of two vendors to streamline the public sector's EV charging equipment procurement process. You can find Contract #13PSX0316 on Connecticut's DAS State Contracting portal. provides a list of electric vehicle charging station equipment vendors and manufacturers along with information about residential charging equipment.


Siting and Design


Guidelines for the Installation of EV Charging Stations at State Owned Facilities

{Guidelines Report Cover}

These guidelines are a detailed description of the process for procuring and installing EV charging stations at Connecticut state-owned facilities. It contains helpful information for facility and fleet managers, ranging from how many chargers you may need to what charger level is better suited for your user base. (EVConnecticut and EnergizeCT, September 2014)




Siting and Design Guidelines For Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment

{Siting and Design Report Cover}

This document presents guidelines for EV charging site selection and design, signage and analysis of installation scenarios at various locations. (Transportation and Climate Initiative, November 2012)





Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings

{EV Infrastructure Report Cover}

This document discusses the unique considerations that Multi-Unit Dwellings face associated with EV charging. These considerations include parking access, electrical service access, installation and operating costs and the legal covenants between a property owner or manager and an EV owner/resident. It is meant to provide basic guidance to owners, managers and homeowner associations, and to be helpful to other stakeholders who may be responsible for installing or maintaining EV charging equipment. (California Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative, November 2013)


Ready, Set, Charge, California! A Guide to EV-Ready Communities

{Ready Set Charge CA Report Cover}

This document assists stakeholders in advancing EV-readiness and offers a suite of recommendations for consideration, adaption and potential adoption by local governments. (Ready, Set, Charge California, November 2011)





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