DEEP: Connecticut PM 2.5 Demonstration (Final Submission)

Connecticut's Revision to the
State Implementation Plan (SIP)
Annual Fine Particulate Matter (PM 2.5)
Attainment Demonstration
Final SIP Submitted to EPA
November 18, 2008
Background and information on the PM2.5 Demonstration SIP:
The documents below present the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protectionís (CT DEEP) state implementation plan (SIP) for attaining the 1997 annual National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) for fine particulate matter (PM2.5). This PM2.5 NAAQS Attainment Demonstration has two major components:  (1) a description of the national, regional and local control measures that have been or will be implemented to reduce emissions contributing to PM2.5 in future years; and (2) air quality modeling and other analyses of air quality and meteorological data to assess the likelihood of reaching PM2.5 attainment by the mandated 2010 attainment deadline.  Results of the analyses described in this attainment demonstration lead CT DEEP to conclude that attainment in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut nonattainment area will be achieved by the April 2010 attainment date.  Air quality modeling of future emissions, grown and controlled to 2009, plus other evidence of forthcoming emission reductions indicate that the previously non-attaining air quality levels in New York City and northern New Jersey will achieve compliance by the April 2010 attainment date.   All Connecticut monitors continue to measure compliance with the annual PM2.5  NAAQS, with monitored PM2.5 levels in Connecticut exhibiting a general downward trend from 2001 through 2007 as a result of control program implementation. 
Final PM2.5 Demonstration SIP:
(including Hearing Report and the proposed version of the PM2.5 Demonstration SIP)
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