DEEP: Eastern Milk Snake

Eastern Milk Snake

(Lampropeltis t. triangulum)

{Eastern Milk Snake}

IDENTIFICATION: A medium-size slender snake distinguished by its polished, unkeeled dorsal scales. The head is poorly defined from the rest of the body, being only slightly wider than the neck. The dorsum is quite variable in color; however, the pattern is always bands of varying shades of brown, tan, and yellow. The venter is white with black squares. Adult total length 480-1020 mm.

The milk snake is widespread in Connecticut, and flourishes in human altered landscapes, especially where a mix of fields, woods, pastures, and habitation occurs. Milk snakes are found from sea level to the state's highest peaks on the Taconic Uplift. The milk snake is presently secure in Connecticut though many are killed each year as they are confused with the venomous copperhead.

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