DEEP: Wood Frog

Wood Frog

(Rana sylvatica)

{Wood Frog}

IDENTIFICATION: A medium-size, rich brown to fawn colored frog with a dark black mask around eyes, and a well-defined pair of dorsolateral folds. Small wood frogs may be confused with spring peepers; however, peepers have small terminal suction cups on their toes. Females larger than males, adults 40-60 mm body length.

The wood frog is a vernal pool-dependent amphibian found statewide, but undergoing a long-term, non-cyclical decline. The primary cause of this decline is the loss of upland habitat that surrounds their woodland pool breeding sites. Research by Klemens (1998a) near Danbury reported that wood frogs were in serious decline in habitat blocks of under 1,000 acres that were fragmented by roads and development.

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