DEEP: Segment 3: Agricultural Practices 2009

Segment 3 Training Program
Agricultural Practices
In Connecticut, agriculture is changing from larger-scale operations to diversified and smaller farms with a mixture of adjacent land-uses.  The Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Act (IWWA) includes provisions for a wide variety of "as of right"  agricultural activities including dairy production, equine facilities, vegetable farming, horticulture, and forestry. This training program focused on agriculture and forestry activities and their relationship to Best Management Practices.  Lectures were delivered in the morning and field workshops were conducted in the afternoon.
Background Materials
Brochure - Introductory brochure sent to Inland Wetland Agencies
Great Mountain Forest - forestry practices
Salmon River State Forest - forestry practices
Graywall Farm - dairy production
Whimsy Brook Farm - equine facility
Warrup's Farm - organic vegetable farm 
Classroom Presentations
Flow Routing - A case study on a forested watershed in CT
Changing Face of Agriculture - Overview of the CT agriculture
Agricultural BMP's and Federal Programs - Overview of agricultural BMP's
Field Workshop Sessions with Photos
Supplemental Training Materials
Forest BMP Manual -  Comprehensive BMP manual for forestry applications
Silviculture is Trees - Pamphlet on silviculture methods
Farmer's Cow Dairy Farms - Field location for dairy operation 
Equine Program Brochure (NRCS) - Equine conservation practices