DEEP: 2013 Proposed Water Quality Standards Regulations

2013 Proposed Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations
The Water Quality Standards set the overall policy for management of surface water and ground water quality in accordance with the state and federal clean water programs.  They designate use goals, define allowable discharges, and identify measures necessary to maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of Connecticut’s waters, provide for the protection and propagation of fish, shellfish, and wildlife, for recreation in and on the water, and to protect public and private drinking water supplies.

The established Water Quality Standards go through a public review process in accordance with state statute and federal law.  The most recent revision of the Standards was finalized February 25, 2011.

These regulations are being proposed by the Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection under the authority of section 22a-426 of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS).  This section of the CGS was recently amended to require the promulgation of the state’s Water Quality Standards as regulations.  The proposed regulations codify the existing Standards into a regulatory format in fulfillment of the statute’s requirements.

Note: There are no substantive changes to the existing standards proposed as part of this rulemaking exercise. Substantive changes to the Water Quality Standards Regulations may be made as part of the formal triennial review process anticipated to begin in the Fall of 2013. The Department intends to solicit public comments on future changes to the Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations after completion of the proposed conversion to regulations. 

The proposed regulations will be known as the Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations.

The proposed regulations include, but are not limited to, provisions regarding: (1) short title and description; (2) purpose, goals and applicability; (3) definitions; (4) surface waters; (5) biological condition gradient model; (6) lake trophic categories; 7) ground waters; 8) antidegradation standards and antidegradation implementation policies; and 9) environmental criteria.

Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations - Notice of Availability

Steps in the Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations Rulemaking Process:

  1. Public “Notice of Intent to Adopt Regulations and Hold a Public Hearing” published in the CT Law Journal - Completed on 4/16/2013 
  2. DEEP informational meeting - Completed on 5/7/2013 
  3. Public Hearing - oral and written testimony accepted - Completed on 5/21/2013
  4. Hearing Report - oral and written comments and DEEP responses - Completed on 6/14/2013
  5. Final proposed regulations and associated documents submitted to Commissioner for approval - Completed on 6/17/2013
  6. DEEP submits final regulations to Attorney General  for “Legal Sufficiency” approval per CGS 4-169 - Completed on 6/17/2013
  7. DEEP notifies all interested parties of decision to take action on regulations and availability of final wording - Completed on 6/25/2013
  8. DEEP submits final regulations to Office of Fiscal Analysis and Comm. of Cognizance (Environment Committee) - Completed on 8/5/2013
  9. DEEP submits final regulations for approval to Legislative Regulation Review Committee (LRRC) per CGS 4-170 - Completed on 8/5/2013; LRRC approved regulations on 9/24/13
  10. Regulations filed with Secretary of State's Office per CGS 4-172 (regulations effective under CT State law upon filing)   - Completed on 10/10/2013
  11. Publication of regulations in the CT Law Journal
  12. DEEP submits final regulations for review and approval to US EPA
  13. US EPA reviews and approves final regulations (regulations effective under federal law) 
  14. Water Quality Standards Regulations in effect under both state and federal law
Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations Documents:
Connecticut Water Quality Standards Regulations (effective under CT State law on 10/10/2013)
Supporting Document:
Exhibits for the Proposed Water Quality Standards Regulations
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The Notice of Intent to Adopt Regulations and to Hold a Public Hearing, signed by Commissioner Daniel C. Esty on March 25, 2013

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