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Water Quality Monitoring/Water Resource Planning
Seasonal Job Opportunities

The Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse has a limited number of Seasonal Maintainer positions in the Planning and Water Quality Standards Division based in Hartford. The primary employment period for the seasonal positions is approximately June 1 to August 30 but there are sometimes employment opportunities throughout the year.  Pay rates vary from $8.00 to $14.00 depending on experience and training.

Qualifications: Applicants must have a valid drivers license and a basic knowledge of chemistry. The ideal candidate would have college level course work and/or experience in water quality monitoring, wastewater treatment, aquatic biology, limnology, microbiology, entomology, aquatic toxicity and hydrology, as well as proficiency with personal computers. Mechanical ability would also be beneficial

Description: These employees work out of the Hartford office and assist the permanent staff in performing tasks associated with various water quality monitoring and water resource planning functions. Fieldwork is done statewide and may involve working long shifts during late night or early morning hours. A major activity during the summer months is monitoring water quality at state park bathing beaches. This includes sample collection in the field and preparation of samples for analysis in the microbiology laboratory. In general the work involves use and calibration of various monitoring instruments and automated water-sampling equipment. It also includes maintenance and cleanup of the laboratory, instruments, equipment, vehicles and boats. Other duties may include water quality sampling under field conditions, assisting in the collection and processing of biological samples and conducting laboratory toxicity tests with aquatic organisms. The employees may also perform related office work involving the organization of water quality data, natural resource mapping, or data entry.

This work will provide motivated individuals with a variety of hands-on experience in the field of water quality monitoring and assessment.

To Apply: Submit Seasonal Employment Application to:

Chris Bellucci, Supervising Environmental Analyst
Connecticut DEEP
Bureau of Water Protection and Land Reuse, Planning Division
79 Elm Street, 2nd floor
Hartford, CT 06106-5127

For further information, contact Chris Bellucci at 860-424-3736 or


Seasonal Employment Application -  (Fillable PDF, 203K)
Seasonal Employment Application - Versión en Español (PDF, 151K)

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