DEEP: RSR Revision Concepts - Wave 2

Connecticut Remediation Standard Regulations
Revision Concepts ("Wave 2")
RSRs "Wave 2" Draft Discussion Documents 
The Department is developing “public discussion drafts” of ideas for potential future amendments to regulations, or new provisions for regulations, to accomplish the remediation of areas where hazardous substances have been released.  The purpose of the public discussion drafts is to provide more detail to the concepts set forth in the November 2012 Workgroup reports and the February 2013 Cleanup Transformation draft report.  

Comment Response Documents
The comment period for the first seven Discussion Documents above ended on May 30, 2014.  During that comment period, the Department received various comments on many of the concepts within the Draft Discussion Documents.  Below is a breakdown of the number of comments received for each Draft Discussion Document:

Sediment = 17  
Alternative GWPC = 14
Engineer Controls = 13 
MNA = 7
Recreational DEC = 2 
Alternative PMC = 1 
Institutional Controls = 0

The Department evaluated all of the comments provided and determined that it would be useful to share the Department’s feedback on the comments on two of the Discussion Documents at this time.

The comments received for the Draft Discussion Documents on Engineered Controls, Recreational DEC, and Alternative PMC are being incorporated in the regulation development process. The comments received for the Sediment Discussion Document are still being evaluated.

Risk Evaluation Requirement  - Link to statutory requirements and process of Risk Evaluation

Content last updated May 12, 2017