DEEP: Best Management Practices

Best Management Practices for Water Quality While Harvesting Forest Products

In the spring of 2007, the CT DEEP published a booklet that will assist certified forest practitioners, private landowners and municipal officials towards a better understanding of the best management practices (BMPs) associated with the harvest of forest products.  BMPs for water quality are the minimum standards to be taken to ensure water quality. 
The following are links to the electronic version of this publication.  As the full version is somewhat large, the booklet has been divided into 14 smaller sections to allow for easier downloading.  The full version and each of the sections are in PDF format. 
Cover  (2.7 MB)
Planning   (1.3 MB)
Landings   (1.8 MB)
Stream Crossings   (2.3 MB)
Roads and Trails   (1.3 MB)
Vernal Pools   (914 KB)
Post Harvest Wrap Up   (1.0 MB)
Hazardous Materials   (61 KB)
Glossary   (2.0 MB)
For a printed version of these BMPs or if you have any questions, please contact Douglas Emmerthal, Program Leader for the Forest Practices Act.
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