DEEP: Tingue Dam Bypass Channel

Tingue Dam Bypass Channel
DEEP was awarded $2.5 Million in competitive NOAA Coastal and Marine Restoration Project funds for construction of the Tingue Fish Bypass on the Naugatuck River in Seymour, CT.  CTDEEP committed $2,250,000 in State match for this project for an overall project cost of $4,750,000. 

Project Scope: Major construction activities include creation of a fish bypass channel around the Tingue Dam on the Naugatuck River through excavation and removal of fill.  The channel will include habitat features to ensure diadromous fish passage success.  The site will be stabilized and streamside habitat restored to promote infiltration of stormwater by the use of pervious paving and native vegetation landscaping techniques.  Post-construction activities will include monitoring the fishway in two ways: visual observations of fishes actively migrating up the fishway, and documentation of physical and hydraulic conditions (comparing design flow characteristics with actual flow characteristics)..

Invitation to Bid - Due Date: December 18, 2012

Tingue Dam Application

NOAA Interactive Map of Marine and Coastal Habitat Restoration Projects funded under the ARRA